Feeling Overwhelmed? Come Partner With Us

You went to dental school to be a health-care provider. Now as a dentist you’ve taken on multiple roles: business owner, business manager, boss, marketing guru, insurance billing administrator, scheduling coordinator, bank, accountant, in-house IT expert – and probably more. Does it seem like sometimes those extra roles get in the way of actually providing the excellent dentistry you yearn so much to provide?

It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Keeping up with continuing education, insurance provider credentialing rules, OSHA standards, dental standards and procedure codes, malpractice insurance, employee manuals, payroll, equipment repair……the list goes on. Does the thought of running your business keep you up at night? Do you want to achieve a better balance and have a successful practice to boot?

Sky Dental Solutions can help. Think of us as your personal coach and mentors. We may not wear gym shorts and whistles, but we can stand beside you, encourage you and help you effectively put into place customized practices and procedures to help your business, no matter at what stage you are in your practice life-cycle. We have solutions for new grads and start-ups to those transitioning into retirement.

We can help you define your vision and establish the mission that makes your practice stand apart from the others. From front office management, effective communications, understanding the behavior styles of your team members, HR questions, clinical challenges and more…we have the resources and the experience to guide you through it all.

Check out the rest of our website and the programs we have to offer, and find us on Facebook and Twitter for valuable tips and information. We look forward to hearing of your success stories as you take your journey with us.

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